Can I Be Charged With Domestic Assault Outside of My Home?

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Domestic assault charges primarily happen when it's somebody in their home. We have many cases right now where the defendant and the victim were not in their home. The only thing the prosecutor needs to prove is that you're in a domestic relationship.

For example, if you get pulled over in your car and domestic assault's going on, or you're at Target or Walmart and there's domestic assault going on the police are going to ask you "is that your boyfriend, or do you live with them?" If the victim says "Yes." then you're in a domestic relationship with the victim and you will be charged with domestic assault.

Verbal abuse as domestic assault.

We've never personally seen someone charged with verbal abuse as domestic assault but I'm not here to say that somebody's not going to try it. If the victim does try it we will defend it all the way.

We've had cases where there is a very solid dispute as to whether or not anybody physically touched the victim. After the victim cools down and is no longer angry they will tell the truth and say "Nobody touched me. He didn't touch me. I was mad. So I called the police and told the police that they hit me."

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