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Drug Crimes: The Consequences

Despite the non-violent nature of drug crimes, the consequences may be harsh, especially if the crime charged involves a felony.

Many times, depending on the quantity, police agencies and prosecutors will charge simple drug possession cases as drug distribution cases which are primarily intended for prosecuting drug dealers.

A possession charge may often be coupled with a paraphernalia charge.

The interesting truth behind drug possession crimes is that many of what the state considers to be a “controlled substance” will turn out to carry felony consequences that could affect your job, school, or even carry with it jail or prison time.

Having an attorney on your side who is familiar with the prosecution of drug crimes and who has been trained thoroughly in this area of law is crucial in fighting your accusations and defending your rights.

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Experience in the Field

At the Krupp Law Firm, our attorneys have experience in the legal field of drug crimes from misdemeanor marijuana, synthetic THC, wax, and drug paraphernalia charges to felony drug charges such as cocaine, heroin, prescription drug charges, methamphetamines, and others.

We have had experience handling drug distribution cases from large quantities of marijuana to felony drug sales.

Training from the District Attorneys' office from the chiefs of the drug units along with education from law enforcement officials and personal experience trying cases in the field from both the prosecution side and the defense side make the Krupp Law Firm stand out as attorneys in this field.

When you’re charged with a drug crime it can be a scary time but our calm, confident client focus will help you feel more at ease knowing you’ve chosen the right lawyer to defend your case.

Trial Lawyers Win Cases

You shouldn’t have to be pinned with a drug charge for something you didn’t do. If you’ve been accused of a drug crime you need someone who has taken drug cases to court and won. Don't take a plea bargain with life-changing consequences without consulting an attorney right away.

You don’t just want a lawyer who will look to plead you guilty without first carefully looking at the evidence, analyzing your trial strategy, and work with you on the best possible outcome for your case.

Success In The Courtroom

  • Police Find Heroin in Client’s sock in St. Louis County.
    • Case dismissed after Ryan Krupp finds a discrepancy in a lab report.
  • Police Find Heroin and marijuana in the Client’s pocket in St. Charles County.
    • Case dismissed after Ryan Krupp files Motion to Suppress the Evidence.

Overview of Missouri Law on Drug Cases

What are Controlled Substances? 195.017

In Missouri, the department of health and senior services places a substance in Schedule I if it finds that the substance:

(1) Has a high potential for abuse; and

(2) Has no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or lacks accepted safety for use in treatment under medical supervision.

Heroin – Schedule I Controlled Substance

Meth – Schedule I

Fentanyl – Schedule I Controlled Substance

Cocaine – Schedule II Controlled Substance

Marijuana – Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a Schedule I Controlled Substance

Drug Crimes Sentencing

Below is a chart that shows the likely outcome of a sentence for each class of crime as outlined by Missouri law, but there could be a variety of other factors that go into sentencing.

You should talk with a criminal defense attorney at the Krupp Law Firm to determine the possible consequences of your case.

Class Level Max Fine Min Sentence Max Sentence
A Felony n/a 10 Life Imprisonment
B Felony n/a 5 15 Years
C Felony $10,000 3 10 Years
D Felony $10,000 n/a 7 Years
E Felony $10,000 n/a 4 Years
A Misdemeanor $2,000 n/a 1 Year
B Misdemeanor $1,000 n/a 6 Months
C Misdemeanor $750 n/a 15 days
D Misdemeanor $500 n/a n/a
ANY Infraction $400 n/a n/a

The Krupp Law Firm provides extraordinary representation in these common drug cases.

Each link below provides an in-depth page with laws and consequences by Ryan Krupp.

Recent Client Testimonials For Krupp Law Firm

In my experience, hiring Ryan Krupp to Represent me, was the best decision I made. I felt Genuinely heard, and Understood. Krupp demonstrates excellent communication skills and is Impressive of always being prepared. If your looking for a lawyer that actually cares and has real compassion for his clients . Ryan Krupp is the individual who you want in your Corner. Thanks again, Krupp for your service.
Cheyenne Youngblood
Mr. Krupp was very professional and communicated in way that put me at ease. I appreciate him taking the time to talk with me and be honest about my options.
Alicia Fisher
I normally don't post a five-star review for anyone cuz I feel a lot of those five-star reviews are paid for. However, a friend of mine was having problems and asked me to look into it,and I got a hold of Krupp law firm and they were quick to respond, very professional, and at the same time very chill in how they spoke to me. While I felt that I was definitely talking to a individual who knew his industry and his profession, I also felt comfortable and very relaxed when speaking to them. Definitely gave me a very strong sense of trust and comfortability. Highly recommend using their services.
Tim Spencer
I had never worked with a law firm before and was quite nervous walking in that first day. Ryan Krupp was great and put me at ease from the start!! He was personable, friendly and so easy to work with! His communication was excellent and he was willing to answer any and all questions I had during the entire process!! Definitely recommend!!!
Megan Brooks
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