What Is an Order of Protection?

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In Missouri, if there is a domestic assault (domestic violence) charge pending, the state may also request the judge enter into an order of protection on behalf of the alleged victim of the crime.

Temporary and Permeant Order Of Protection

In most instances, the order of protection will be a temporary one and there will be a brief hearing and an opportunity for argument by counsel (or the parties if they are unrepresented) to argue why there should or should not be a temporary protection order. To seek a permanent protection order there must be an evidentiary hearing to determine whether a protection order will be put in place.

More Charges?

The protection order plays a significant role in the realm of domestic violence cases because a violation of a protection order, for instance by making contact with the alleged victim, could lead to more charges while your domestic assault or other charges are pending. This is unfortunately a common occurrence where two partners have children.

Domestic Assault Charges

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What is a Domestic Victim?

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