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Attorneys James Krupp and Ryan Krupp can help you need when you need an experienced bicycle accident attorney on your side.

Bicycle accidents are somewhat different than other types of vehicle accidents. We have well over thirty (30) years of experience in motorcycle and bicycle accident cases and we’ll put it all to work in representing you.

We handle these types of accident cases on a contingency basis where we only get paid when we get you a settlement and win your case, and you won’t have to pay out any money up front out of your pocket for the attorney’s fees and litigation expenses involved. Some examples of more specific issues involving bicycle accidents are the following:

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Bicycle Accidents Are Increasing.

In the most recent past fifteen (15) or so years, in Missouri and especially in the larger cities and metropolitan areas such as St. Louis we’re seeing a lot more motorcycles and bicycles on our roadways.

Along with the number of increasing riders has come an increase in accidents and injuries resulting from the use of motorcycles and bicycles, and the injuries from them can be devastating to a person and their family.

Both motorcycles and bicycles are much smaller than cars and trucks so the other drivers sometimes may not see you coming when you’re on one of them. The other driver is mentally programmed to look for other cars or trucks on the road. The other driver’s eyes look for what is coming down the road, and they sometimes overlook motorcycles and bicycles.

It’s  common for other drivers to pull out from a side street or a store parking lot onto the main road or into and intersection and not see a motorcycle or bicycle coming down the road with the right of way. This results in accidents such as T-Bone accidents where the front of the motorcycle or bicycle rider hits the side of vehicle flipping the rider into the air or into the vehicle. Of course, the vehicle always wins this battle and the motorcycle or bicycle rider having much less protection is severely injured.

Other times the rider will lay down their bike in an effort to avoid hitting the vehicle and will get road rash losing big portions of their skin from sliding across the pavement. Other times the cycler may be struck from behind by an inattentive driver behind them or even a pickup trucks trailer or mirror may strike them.

Bicycle Accidents Caused By Poor Road Conditions.

Another difference is that bicycle tires are much thinner than your typical car tire. This can cause or contribute to cause accidents to their riders.

For example, there could be a street, highway or a private parking lot with an unrepaired large pot hole or a groove in it that for some unreasonable amount of time has not been fixed. That is very dangerous to bike riders who are traveling at a normal speed and their tire catches or goes into one of these holes or ruts in the road. It can throw your bike out of control and cause a crash into something or lay out your bike sending you sliding on the ground incurring broken bones and road rash.

Bicycle accident with car

What Can Riders Do To Protect Themselves?

  • Always wear a helmet to protect you from head injuries as even the slightest striking of your head on the hard ground surface or on the bike itself can cause you a concussion.
  • As a precaution when riding, riders should wear clothes and gear that is reflective or more easily seen by other drivers who then would be less likely to pull out in front of them.
  • Be aware and look around. Defer to vehicles as they’re much bigger and will hurt you.
  • Don’t engage in angry exchanges with vehicle drivers who may have road rage and hit you with their vehicle, you will be the one who physically loses that battle every time.
  • Call the police immediately as they are public servants who are there to protect you.

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